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咖啡(樹,豆,粉或色)。 a cup of coffee一杯咖啡。 black coffee(不加牛奶的)咖啡。 white coffee牛奶咖啡。 coffee-and 〔美口〕一杯咖啡和少許糕點等。 “coffee and”中文翻譯 咖啡和糕餅等的餐點 “coffee-and”中文翻譯 咖啡等餐點; 一杯咖啡加一兩個面包卷的
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一杯好咖啡的關鍵是什麼?新鮮的咖啡豆影響整杯咖啡的風味。如何挑選品質好的咖啡豆呢?咖啡老行家都知道,喝酒看年份,喝咖啡看產地。產地的土壤,氣候,海拔高度都是形塑咖啡味道最根本的元素。目前世界上有超過100 種咖啡,其中最普遍的兩種就是阿拉比卡(Arabica)和羅布斯塔(Robusta)。
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小格子喝咖啡一定要加很多奶,通常還會加糖,朋友都說小格子是在糟遢咖啡,沒有辦法啦,小格子是一個不能吃苦的人,不喜歡很苦和酸的咖啡。所以小格子到咖啡店都會點有加奶的咖啡,例如: Caffè Latte (拿鐵) ,Caffè Mocha (摩卡) 或 Caffè Macchiato (瑪琪雅朵),這三款都是意式咖啡,”Caffè” 在
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Thanks for the great info about coffee. I travelled all over the world and tried lots of different coffees but now I am sure I’ll be ordering my coffee with confidence. I recently stayed in the great city of Melbourne, Australia and I enjoyed the long black coffee which I
Ice americano coffee (long black) Iced americano coffee (long black) served on black tray.
Long Black
Long black is a coffee variety that is often considered to be a close relative of caffé Americano. They both combine an espresso shot with hot water, but unlike its counterpart, long black is prepared by pouring or directly extracting the espresso into …
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The perfect long black
In the course of 24 hours recently I had a really great long black and a really-not-so-good long black. I have rarely knocked back a coffee, but I didn’t drink the really-not-so-good one: it was scalding hot, brimming over the top of the mug and devoid of crema (and
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Long Black vs Americano: Which is Best?
29/7/2018 · The long black coffee and Americano are two similar espresso beverages that are popular in different regions of the world. One tends to taste and smell a little stronger than the other one, but they’re almost the same at the core. There’s really one key difference.
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Styles of Coffee
Styles of Coffee Are you looking for information on what the difference is between a cappuccino and a latte, or a short and long black? With so many styles of coffee the choice can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into your favourite cafe. The following pages go